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This is a little bit of a stretch for me, but I have it on good authority (a mommy with 3 little girls), that these are very popular.  I keep seeing so many ways to recycle old t-shirts and saw these flowers made from hearts some where on the internet. I have been searching for days to find the site and I can't. So if you know who started this… please let me know so I can link to their site and give them credit. Both of my sons wear t-shirts until they are so ripped or stained that I have to sneak in and take them away. I got lucky and happened to find a white t-shirt my son didn't want any more and a red shirt that was way past it's prime. 

I have these two Accuquilt heart dies and knew these would work great!

Here are the dies:

The top is Heart #10 and bottom is heart #8 small.

I don't think it matters what heart shape you use. The larger heart is 4" across and the bottom one is 3" across. You could easily use the GO heart die as it has 3 sizes. You could also use the #6 heart shape on the Accuquilt site. Just look under applique dies.

 Cut out a bunch of hearts from both sizes from an old t-shirt.



Lay out the other t-shirt measure up from the bottom the length you want plus 2". Cut off just under the sleeves. Because the t-shirt has a bottom hem, this will be the bottom of the skirt.

Iron it nice and flat. Turn under the top raw edge 1/4" and then again to 1 1/2".


Sew close to the inside edge. Leave a space for the elastic. Sew 1/8" along the top edge.


Measure your child's waist and add 1". Pin a safety pin on one end and
thread through the waist band. I pin the other end to the opening to
keep from losing it. Overlap the ends and sew along the two edges.

Pull the elastic back inside and sew up the opening.
IMG_0444 Ease the elastic evenly around the skirt top. Divide the skirt into 4 sections and sew across the elastic to stop it from turning. Make sure to back stitch on both ends.

And here is the skirt finished.

These turn out so cute your daughters and granddaughters will be raiding dad and grandpa's closet for more t-shirts!! So watch out!

Ok, on to the the fun part. Making the hearts into roses is a little interesting.. I just twisted the heart and brought the two top rounded parts together kind of like a fortune cookie. 


 I also took the large heart and just kind of folded upon itself.. get creative. When it looks like a flower to you.. you have it.

Put matching thread into your sewing machine and I just tacked them down in a few places. I have a lock stitch on my Bernina and that's what I used. Lock.. a few stitches and lock again. You could also do this by hand. Don't worry about sewing everything down. Just enough to keep the shape. Lay out a few and see what you think.



You could layer them on top of each other or just do them one at a time. I use both the large and small hearts and sometimes layer them together.

My Mommy friend came in and said she liked them like this.. so that's how I did it. Get creative! you could also cut some from a green t-shirt and have leaves.

Hope you liked this.. I wish I had granddaughters. I would be making these forever. You can also do this on a plain knit top if you want. Have fun and recycle when you can!



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