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Just thought you might like to see my 4 finished pet beds. I have been getting lots of scraps from my quilting customers and had fun making these. I can't wait to get them down to the local humane society. The top ones were made with only a 1/2 yard piece. I turn down the top edges and sew them down about an 1/2 an inch before I sew up the sides. Then I sew up the sides and stuff. I simply have to close up the open top and sew it closed. The bottom beds were made a little larger with 24" in width and the wof  (width of fabric) folded in half.



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Here is my "how to" for the Stash and Dash Backpack. Let me know if you need help.



1/2 yard fabric for outside

1/2 yard fabric for lining

1/3 yard for outside pocket

1/2 yard for straps

Backpack fabric2
Sorry, forgot to put fabric for straps in the picture. You'll see it later on.

With outside and lining fabric right sides together and folded in half. Trim to 20 inches from salvage end. You will be cutting through 4 layers. Turn and line up the side you just cut with bottom of your mat. Shore up one side so you have a nice clean edge. Trim the other side so fabric measures 17 1/2 inches wide. You should have 2 pieces of fabric 40 inches by 17 1/2 inches.


Cut pocket fabric 19 inches long by 10 ½ inches wide. With
right sides together, fold long side to make a pocket 9 ½ inches by 10 ½
inches. Sew around all sides leaving a small opening on one side for turning.
Turn and iron. Top stitch close to the top edge of the pocket.

Fold outside fabric in half. Measure up 4 inches and center
pocket on outside fabric. Pin and sew. Pin only to the top of the folded
outside fabric.


Main Backpack:

After you sew the pocket on, match up the lining and the
outside fabric. With right sides together, pin and sew leaving a small opening
for turning.

After stitching, turn so right sides are now facing out.
Carefully opening up seams along sides, iron. 

Fold down each short side 1 1/2 inches to the lining side and
pin. Sew close to the inside edge making a tube along each short side.

 DSCF0011 DSCF0002-1

Fold bag in half with outside fabric on the inside. Starting past the openings of the casing you
just made, sew down each long side. Turn to the outside and iron.


Your main backpack is finished. Now on to the straps.


Cut 4 strips 2 ½ inches wide and from salvage to
salvage or WOF (width of fabric). Sew all the strips together to make one long
strip. Fold wrong sides together and iron.
To measure, lay strip on one corner of bag ,
up to top and over to the other side and back again. Cut two pieces this size.

Back to ironing.
Open it up and fold from each raw edge, inside
to the fold. Iron and repeat on the other side.





Then fold in half again and iron. Top stitch close to the open edge.


Pin one end onto the bottom corner of your
bag.  With a safety pin attached to the
other end, thread through the casing. Start at one opening, go around to the
other side and thread through the other casing coming out on the same side as
you started. Pin both ends together at the bottom. Repeat with the other strap on the other side.

DSCF0029 I messed up here. Sew the ends of the straps down on the opposite side from the pocket. Fold raw ends under and sew onto corner of bag. Repeat for both straps. 

That's it, you are done. Pull the straps and it cinches up the top. 


I will have kits and finished products on Etsy soon. So check it out.

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A customer friend came to me and asked me to figure out how to make some easy backpacks. She is a knitter and loves bags to carry her projects in. So here is what I came up with.. what do you think? Later this week I will have a tutorial on how to make it. So come back soon!


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