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I was wandering around my quilt shop the other day and I kept noticing all the wonderful solid fabrics in bright colors. I decided to cut a stack of 1/2 yard cuts and take them home. Some are batiks and some are marbled cottons. I will probably never use them… I'm too stingy!

Here they are all stacked nice and pretty with a bow. I see these every morning first thing. Even on a cold dark day they cheer me up! Need some inspiration? Stack your own little fabric present to yourself and put it on a shelf…



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Every year usually the second weekend of September, quilt shops in my area from Auburn to my shop in Groveland have what we quilters call a Shop Hop. Ours is the Mother Lode Fabric Frenzy. This year we only had 7 stores. It was nice because it seems every year participants complain that there are too many stores and it is 2 hours from the two furthest points. Quilters go to every shop participating and carry a passport to have stamped at each store. A winner is drawn and prizes are awarded. This year our event was on September 11 to the 13th. It is always nice to meet new people and see participants from previous years.  The one comment I kept hearing is with the bad economy.. we aren't spending as much. I finally decided to educate some of my shop hoppers on the economy. "What is the economy I asked." Not many could answer. "The economy is You!" Every time you decided not to purchase something because of "the economy". You add to the problem. People don't understand that the economy is not some mysterious entity  floating around in space somewhere. It is all of us! When we decide not to spend..there is a ripple effect far reaching to everyone. Even back to your paycheck. A customer decides not to buy that quilting kit, so I don't buy coffee for the next week at the local coffee shop, so they don't spend as much on school clothes for kids, and so on and so on… So next time you complain about the economy, remember what it really is… it is all of us. Always was and always will be.

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