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Today was the last sesson of my Bali Bag class. I found that sometimes these bags take on a life of their own. Such was the case with Harriet's "bag". It came out a little different. We aren't quite sure what happened. But we had fun trying to figure it out.

It kind of got bigger at the top and just didn't look like a "bag" or purse. So we decided to improvise and loved what came out of it. What do you think?

IMG_0488 We simply folded down the edges and got a wonderful basket. Harriet decided it would make a great knitting basket. She just had to put the "shop kitty" in the picture. Yes it's fake. 

The moral of the story, sometimes the things we make decide what they want to be and we just have to go along with it. And it's ok!

Happy creating!


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