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Picking on Etsy

While stumbling on-line the other day I ran across an article by Slate/Double X putting down Etsy. "Etsy peddles a false feminist fantasy ". I'm reading along and starting to agree… getting into it.. and then I noticed a sticky note next to my computer. I have stickies all over the place.

It said: 1. learn to take better photos. 2. find 10 things you love to make. Make 5 of them under 10.00 each. 3. read Etsy tips on selling. 4. learn, learn learn. 

I realized that I may not make the big bucks on Etsy. However, I can use Etsy for a measly 20 cents per listing to learn how to do this better. So what if I don't sell lots of stuff right away. Eventually as I learn to do a better job.. it should show in my sales. I began to see Etsy as a wonderful and cheap web learning tool. So to Slate/Double X… maybe the fantasy is false but what a great way to learn something new.


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I just added 3 more items to my Etsy store. I just finished picking out fabric for 3 more rag balls. I'm kind of getting into it. I knitted up a little bag and am having a hard time letting it go. Here is a picture of my first attempt at knitted purses.

Rag balls 023
I made it with 3/4" fabric strips knitted on 15 circular needles.
Rag balls 019  
Well that's it for today.

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