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 It is time for the third block in our block of the week. One thing I love about using these dies is I get to be really stingy with my fabric. I can use the littlest piece of fabric. Something like this: Accucut 101

I hate to waste anything. It is amazing how much you can squeeze out of the left over scraps.

It has to be a pretty small piece to get into the kitty bed bag. Oh! You don't know about the kitty beds? I actually stole this idea from someone else and then couldn't find them to give them credit. So….. forgive me big time if it is you. If you know who started this, tell me and I will let the world know it was their idea. I either use an old pillow case or make one from "special" fabric I know I'll never use… "special" meaning OMG why did I buy this… you have some. I know you do. Anyway, I either line a trash can with it or put it on the back of a chair, and throw all my teeny, tiny scraps in it. When it is full, I sew it up and Wah La… a kitty or doggy bed. It is washable and nice and soft. Don't have kitties or doggies? Give them to your local humane society for the adoptees. Here is a picture of my current one. I have it on the back of a chair. It is almost full and my stray kitties that live behind my shop will be thrilled to get a new bed.

Kitty bed 2 Kitty bed 1

Ok, I get so off track… did I tell you about my ADD!! Oh yeah it runs in my family big time. 

Ok, here are the dies for this week:

Petal Play -sunflower again.. my fav, top right: Flower-Petal, Center, Stem and bottom right is Flowers/Leaves #2

Accucut 207

 And here is the block.

Accucut 202
I used the leaves on "flowers and leaves #2 for the flower petals, stems and little circles. The larger blue circle on the big flower is from flower/petal, center,stem. the green leaves are of course from petal play. 

Only one more to go! See you next week.  



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Ok, I'm back. I have a confession. I have already made all 4 blocks. I had to make sure they looked good together. I even used a program called Picasa by Google and made a really cool collage of the blocks with the fabric in the back ground. Nothing like a little teasing huh. Well on week 4 you will get to see them all together. Not sure if a quilt will actually be made.. but you will have a really good idea how they look. I'm kind of excited. But you only get to see them one at a time. So there!

Ok, here are the dies used this week.


See, some you remember these from last week? I told you so. Anyway, from left to right: On top, Flowers and Leaves #3, Petal Play-Sunflowers, botton left is Funky Flower #3 which is also a GO die, and the bunny is Rabbit #4 Sm. I don't know if it is on the Accuquilt site but he measures a little tiny bit past 3 inches wide. So check. Otherwise you can find him on the Accucut site.

Ok, here is the block for this week……

Accucut 205
Yes, I know, my Iphone still sucks as a camera. But it is only a matter of money. As you can see, I used the flower, leaves and stem from Flowers and Leaves and some leaves from Petal Play-sunflower. The flower centers are the small flower on Funky Flowers #3 and well, the little bunny. I put "her" in because of my name. Yes, it actually is Bunny.

Until next week…


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