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 While Stumbling the web one day, I saw a website that suggested making kitty beds from old pillowcases and fabric scraps.I of course cannot find the website again, so can't provide a link.. sorry about that. However, having about 5 stray kitties that live behind my store myself, I though this was a fantastic idea. I produce my fair share of scraps and being a pack rat have the hardest time throwing away even the smallest scrap. I have plenty of sale fabric around so I made a simple sack big enough for a cat bed. I then lined a trash pail with the sack and I'm working on filling it up. When it is full, I will turn under the ends and sew shut. As long as I fill it with fabric only, it is washable. What a great way to repurpose something typically headed for the trash. If you don't have a kitty or puppy that needs a bed, you can donate them to the local humane society.

Sewing for a Change!DSCF0018


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