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Hello again, I have been busy working on lots of fun things for you to make with Accuquilt/Accucut Dies. I hope you are saving your pennies for all these cool dies I have been showing you. Today is a new die. It is the Purse Die and you can find it on the Accuquilt site. Here is what the project looks like.


I have had this die for a long time but could never find directions for it. So, I decided to do you a little favor and show you how to make this wonderful little item.

So, here goes…. first, the die.


It is a two die set with a handle on the second die. I don't use the handle as this is a clutch.


1/4 yard each for outside and lining fabric

5 1/2" x 2 1/2" scrap for loop

1/2 yard for fusible interfacing. I used Pellon 911ff which is a feather weight interfacing. If your interfacing is too stiff, turning the purse right side out can be difficult.

Optional closure of some kind..velcro, snap… whatever. I didn't use anything for this demo.

Here is my fabric:

IMG_0405 You will need to cut a back and front piece from both fabrics. You will also need two of each from the interfacing.

Line the back of each fabric with the interfacing and iron it on. Check the directions to make sure you are putting the correct side down on the fabric. If you want a closure, you would put it on the round side of the lining and the small piece with the outside fabric.

The smaller piece is the front of the purse. Match up both the lining piece and the outside piece, right sides together. Sew along the top straight edge only.

Open it up and iron the seam flat, then fold it with right sides out. You'll need to do a little maneuvering to iron the seam so the lining doesn't show to the front.

Next, match up your purse front to the lining back. Linings should be together and the outside fabric facing out.

Pin in place and sew a 1/8" seam. Clip the seams on the corners.

 To make a loop to attach a handle later, cut a piece of fabric 5 1/2" x 2 1/2". Fold in half and then fold raw edges to the inside and iron.


Fold in half again, iron and sew close to the open end.

Pin  it to main body of clutch just below the front outside piece. The loop should be tucked inside.

Next put the backing with the outside fabric on top, right side down and pin. Sew with a 1/4" seam allowance.

See the two red pins? Leave this open to turn after sewing.


Clip around the curves. Turn everything out and iron. Fold the seams in where you left an opening and pin. You will have to hand sew a blind stitch to close this up.

You're done! This took me no time at all to make. Imagine how many you could make. Remember, you can cut up to 8 layers at one time. That's 4 clutches. These would be great to sell at a craft show.

Here is the finished project again.

Stay tuned. In September we will use the same die to make something totally different. I bet you can't guess! See you next week!


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