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Fabric Glue Sticks

I have used glue sticks before for my sewing projects. But I never really used it correctly. It never stuck right away, I had to wait until it dried and I’m a pretty impatient person. I was watching a show on The Quilt Show.com with Dale Flemming on Circles, Curves and Chocolate (show number 704 season 7). Boy does this lady know how to use a glue stick!

Here are a few different ones on the market. I have a few others around that I use.. I don’t think it matters much. Just find one that works for you.

So the key? The iron is your friend!

First apply the glue to your fabric. I’m doing a rework of my Fancy Picnic Fan Quilt for a quilt class I’m teaching. The fans on the outside edges kept flapping around.¬† (I got tired of getting stuck with the pins). So out comes the glue stick.

Apply Glue to Back of Fabric

After that, stick it down firmly and iron it. The iron helps the glue dry and work into both fabrics.

Iron with a hot iron

I learned something here… cameras are for right handed people. I had to do this left handed. Pretty spiffy camera handling if I do say so myself.

So, get out those glue sticks and rock on!


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via www.aestheticnest.com


I came across this the other day when I was looking for a quick baby gift to make. Love it big time and it was a very easy one day project. Here is my version.

  Spencer baby 3 1280x960
 I found this cute fabric from Moda at my local quilt shop. To make one yourself, click here:

Aesthetic Nest

Have fun!

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Getting my MoJo back.

For most of my friends they know things have been a little uneasy lately. I recently moved from my beautful log house by Yosemite California. Not a move by choice unfortunately. Life has a habit of not playing nice.  I'm currently living with my mom in The Dalles Oregon. Reinventing life can be a little daunting but I have been little by little taking over her basement as a sewing studio.  It is still a work in progress but I finally was able to plug in my sewing machine and make a decent place to sew.

So, my first creative adventure was started with a pattern I found at Allpeoplequilt.com. It is a reversable purse and I had a great time with this. I first made one right from the pattern and then decided it was too small. So I enlarged the pattern 150% and this is my take on it. Hope you like it.

I'm giving it to my son's girl friend.  


Bag3Bag 2

  The rose was made because of a booboo. I missed a seam and had no way to go back and fix it. Hence the wonderful fabric rose.

I'm so glad to be back sewing. Can't wait to come up with something new!

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Ok, life is crap right now. The bank says I have to stay in my house until it sells. Otherwise I don't qualify for a special program that keeps them from being really mean to me later. But I'm looking for ways to maintain sanity. So, I pulled out one of my big projects that hasn't been packed for my maybe move to Oregon.

Happy place 1

This is a pile of salvages that my long arm quilt friend Dee has been saving for me. What in the world am I going to do with all this STUFF. Well, I seperate it all out by color and I will knit purses with it. I don't have a finished one to show.. Packed of course in my mom's garage in Oregon with the rest of my shop stuff. However, I have cranked up some good ole rock and roll..Def Leppard… Edgar Winter…Billy Squier…. rock on! It does seems to be improving my mood!



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Hi all. Sorry I've been MIA for a while. With closing my store and losing my house.. I haven't had much of anything positive to say. I'll be moving to Oregon in about 3 weeks to start over.. hopefully something good will come of all this.

However, I did do some sewing the other day and thought you would enjoy pictures of my wonderful quality control team. Here is team member Alex checking things out.

 Quality control 2
And of course this is Team member Sammie. Also why I can't get up from my sewing machine in the middle of a project.

Quality control 1

Hopefully I'll be back in full swing with my Accuquilt projects sometime in December. Right now everything is packed up tight in my mom's garage. I'll be working on a basement sewing studio… It will take some work but something to look forward to.


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Just thought you might like to see my 4 finished pet beds. I have been getting lots of scraps from my quilting customers and had fun making these. I can't wait to get them down to the local humane society. The top ones were made with only a 1/2 yard piece. I turn down the top edges and sew them down about an 1/2 an inch before I sew up the sides. Then I sew up the sides and stuff. I simply have to close up the open top and sew it closed. The bottom beds were made a little larger with 24" in width and the wof  (width of fabric) folded in half.


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Today was the last sesson of my Bali Bag class. I found that sometimes these bags take on a life of their own. Such was the case with Harriet's "bag". It came out a little different. We aren't quite sure what happened. But we had fun trying to figure it out.

It kind of got bigger at the top and just didn't look like a "bag" or purse. So we decided to improvise and loved what came out of it. What do you think?

IMG_0488 We simply folded down the edges and got a wonderful basket. Harriet decided it would make a great knitting basket. She just had to put the "shop kitty" in the picture. Yes it's fake. 

The moral of the story, sometimes the things we make decide what they want to be and we just have to go along with it. And it's ok!

Happy creating!

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