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Bummer, what now?

I was making this quilt for a class I’m going to teach. Of course after the top was all done and I spread it out…. I found this!

Big Boo Boo!


See the arrows? See the positions of the yellow ovals? They are ironed down with Wonder Under and sewed down with tiny little stitches with clear thread.

Here is a bigger picture.

I was consistent at least. I did a whole row the same at the bottom.

So what now? Do I just say “I meant to do that!” Any of my readers have a suggestion that doesn’t require tearing the 3 ovals off.

I could just kick myself.



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I have been thinking about this project for months now. I had so much fun putting it together. I know you'll like it! I love love crazy patch blocks. It is a wonderful way for spastic minds like mine to wig out and just go! Of course I used my Accuquilt dies. However, I only had two sizes and wanted three. Did you know you can have custom dies made by Accuquilt? Accuquilt had 2 sizes of pumpkins so I called the custom department and told them I wanted one sized in between the two I already had. Stacey was so much help! You tell them what you want, and they send you a picture to approve and a price. You say ok, and in about 6 days you have your new die.

So, here is what I got. The small one is pumpkin die #4 large and the large one is on the Accucut site. It is the jumbo size. The smaller pumpkin is available in a Go die.

The two on the top are the ones Accuquilt/Accucut have in their catalog. The one on the bottom was the resized one to go in between. It was $60.00 plus tax and shipping. 

I wanted to do this with a crazy patch design. I decided to use a tear away to use as a guide. So I cut out a card stock pattern of each and traced it onto the tear away.

To be honest, the tear away was not the greatest idea. I should have used either a muslin or paper piecing paper. It was really hard to tear off the "tear away" I wasn't sure I wanted to actually tear it off, thinking it would give the pumpkin stability when I appliqued it on.. Seriously in mad scientist mode, I was not thinking straight. 

But I used it as a guide so I would make sure my crazy patch was the right size and I needed a placement guide for the green stem. 

If you are comfortable with doing crazy patch from your head, you start with a center piece like this. (I'll show you how to do it a different way later for you scaredy cats.)

Match up another piece to one edge.

Open it up and press. Pressing is very important all along the way. So keep a small ironing board and iron close by. I got tired of jumping up and down all the time.

Next piece goes on another edge.

IMG_0497   IMG_0498
Keep going until the whole pumpkin area is covered plus some extra. 

If you don't want long pieces of one fabric, you can sew a few together and then sew them along an edge.   

I first sewed a few pieces together a little off kilter and then trimmed up one side


  I sewed a few pieces together to match up with the top stem using some green fabric.




After the whole piece of the pumpkin is covered, use the die to cut out the pumpkin shape. Make sure to match up the green with the stem on the die.


I wanted the stems to go in opposite directions on some of the pumpkins so some I cut with right sides down and some with right sides up. Here is one pumpkin all done.


And here is my little pumpkin family.

Now how to put them together. I decided on a dark blue batik background to set the orange off.

I decided it needed something. So got out my oak leaf die and got to work again.

Here is the die.

Maple leaf #2 large. There is a GO die that would work great. This one was from the Accucut site.

You could use any leaf dies you want really!
I sewed some fabrics together kind of catty wampus and cut with the die cutter.

IMG_0533   IMG_0538
I layed every thing out and here is what I got. I added a few more with just the red fabric.

I'll tear off the tear away… it was a totally bummer. Then iron a fusible interfacing on instead. Iron every thing down and finish it up with some borders.  I'll show you the finished project in a week or two.

Ok, I promised to show you scaredy cats how to do crazy patch in a bit more orderly way. If you have EQ6 you can go to the block library and check out foundation piecing blocks. Look for simple crazy patch patterns and print out onto paper piecing paper. C & T Publishing has 3 great choices as these will work great through your printer.  You can print them out in any size you want. Just set up the block size to be a little larger then the die. Another choice is any crazy patch book that has foundation patterns you can print from the book. You can also find lots of book choices at C&T Publishing to teach you all about crazy quilting. Just a little note… if you click on my C&T links and make a purchase. I get a little commission from them. Just make sure you click my link to get there. Every little bit helps..

Hope this helps get the creative juices flowing!

See you next week! 

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Ok, I hope you enjoyed the last project. This week is a larger quilt project. I'm realizing I cannot finish a quilt in a week. So, today you get to see the basic block idea and then come back tomorrow and I'll show you how to put it all together..Yeah I know it is a sneeky way to get you back here again… But I promise next week will be a smaller project and I'll show all of it.

OK, here we go for this week. This is a quilt that is the perfect size for picnics or the beach. I use mine similar to this for going to outdoor concerts.

The dies I used are: Crescent Border Spacer die #2 and the layered Ovals. I used the largest one for this quilt.


The Crescent Border Spacer die set comes with two dies:

You can layer the plain one over the scalloped one.. I just used one for this quilt.

So here it is:

Here it is with a different fabric pattern:


I have been looking at the crescent border die for so long wondering if this would work… I hope you like it. Come back tomorrow and I'll show you how to sew it into a quilt the easy way!   

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Today was the last sesson of my Bali Bag class. I found that sometimes these bags take on a life of their own. Such was the case with Harriet's "bag". It came out a little different. We aren't quite sure what happened. But we had fun trying to figure it out.

It kind of got bigger at the top and just didn't look like a "bag" or purse. So we decided to improvise and loved what came out of it. What do you think?

IMG_0488 We simply folded down the edges and got a wonderful basket. Harriet decided it would make a great knitting basket. She just had to put the "shop kitty" in the picture. Yes it's fake. 

The moral of the story, sometimes the things we make decide what they want to be and we just have to go along with it. And it's ok!

Happy creating!

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A Eureka Quilt

IMG_0342A customer of mine, Judy Huckabay just brought in her mom's quilt to show me. She had made this Eureka quilt from a kit I sold her using the fabrics in the pattern picture. She loved it so much she wanted to make another using different fabrics. Of course she needed my professional help…. We had so much fun choosing fabrics and her daughter just brought in the finished product. I had to show everyone. The quilter is Betty Miller of Sacramento, California. Betty you did a wonderful job! This is her version of the Eureka quilt.


 Sorry the colors are not great as my camera is not the best..  This was a big quilt so it was hard to photograph in my shop. So you only get to see the center.

 Thanks Betty for sharing!

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Ok, I'm back. I have a confession. I have already made all 4 blocks. I had to make sure they looked good together. I even used a program called Picasa by Google and made a really cool collage of the blocks with the fabric in the back ground. Nothing like a little teasing huh. Well on week 4 you will get to see them all together. Not sure if a quilt will actually be made.. but you will have a really good idea how they look. I'm kind of excited. But you only get to see them one at a time. So there!

Ok, here are the dies used this week.


See, some you remember these from last week? I told you so. Anyway, from left to right: On top, Flowers and Leaves #3, Petal Play-Sunflowers, botton left is Funky Flower #3 which is also a GO die, and the bunny is Rabbit #4 Sm. I don't know if it is on the Accuquilt site but he measures a little tiny bit past 3 inches wide. So check. Otherwise you can find him on the Accucut site.

Ok, here is the block for this week……

Accucut 205
Yes, I know, my Iphone still sucks as a camera. But it is only a matter of money. As you can see, I used the flower, leaves and stem from Flowers and Leaves and some leaves from Petal Play-sunflower. The flower centers are the small flower on Funky Flowers #3 and well, the little bunny. I put "her" in because of my name. Yes, it actually is Bunny.

Until next week…


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Hi All. I'm so jazzed about all the positive comments I have been getting. My mind has been going over time with design ideas. This week I decided to start a block of the week pattern. There will be 4 blocks total. I'll let you know which dies I used and show the block.. you should be able to figure it out from there. While putting these blocks together and looking to see if they are Studio dies and or GO dies, I noticed something very cool for all of you with studio dies. When I first purchased my studio diecutter and my numerous dies, Accuquilt was just Accucut. They sold mainly to schools and scrapbooking. Somewhere along the line some one ran some fabric through and the angels began to sing. So all of my dies were "Accucut" dies. There are two different catalogs for dies and let me tell you, the Accucut catalog has even more dies that can also be used with fabric. So warning…. in the coming weeks, I may show you a die that is on the Accucut site and not necessarily on the Accuquilt site. The die name is the same but the item numbers are different depending on the catalog you order from. So I'll leave them out.  It just means lots more fun and ideas for all of us. So if for some reason you can't find it on Accuquilt, go to Accucut. Most of the time it will just be a different size offered. But sometimes it will be a die not shown on the Accuquilt site.

Ok here we go for week 3's design.

I started with some of my favorite batik fabrics. I'll use them for all 4 blocks with a little bit of a dark brown I use in two of the blocks. Sorry I don't have it pictured here. The greyish pink batik in the background is for my background blocks. Now, you are cutting out some tiny shapes and have to decide how to get them to stay on the back ground fabric. You have some choices here. You can use a product like WonderUnder or Seam a Seam and iron it on the back BEFORE running it through your Accuquilt cutter. Or you can use a glue product like a stick glue or liquid glue product like Roxannes. Whatever works the best for you. For this project, I'm going to use a stick glue and see how it does. I'll let you know later when I go to sew everything down. But you need to decide this now before cutting out your shapes.

Accucut 112 

I used 5 different dies for my first block. Now don't get all stressed… I know it's a lot of dies but I do repeat some of these as I go along.  It just goes to show, you can't have too many of these things. Here is a picture of my die stash. I could easily triple this if money allowed.


The dies used are from left to right: Petal Play-Sunflower,Layering Die-Oval, Flowers and Leaves #3 and bottom is Heart #9 Sm. I'm showing the back of the dies so you can see them better.

The Petal Play-sunflower die is one of my favorites for leaves. So far I have not made a sunflower with it. I used the holes and stem from the Flowers and Leaves #3 die and the smallest oval from the layering-oval die.


I used a 9" square of background fabric for all the blocks in the series. I actually had it designed for me as they didn't have that size 8+ years ago.

Accucut 109
Ok…. drum roll please………

Week 1 block 

 I'm down to my iphone for a camera. Hang in there with me will ya. 

So, that's block number 1. Hope you like it. Everyone that comes in the shop and sees it has asked me to make kits. So hopefully by the last block I'll have some done and put on Etsy.

Note: We are going to finish these in a quilt as you go wall hanging. I'll show you later how I do it. But important! You need to make sure you have at least 1/2" available around your design for the seam allowance. Yes, we will be doing 1/2" seams.

I'll see you next week! It will look great when it all comes together!



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