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For the last 5 years I have been part of a shop hop in what we call here in California…"The MotherLode". This relates to the gold rush that started around 1849. Hence the name of our shop hop "MotherLode Fabric Frenzy". This year it starts on Friday, September 10 until Sunday September 12. Each year we have a free block pattern we give everyone that comes into our shops and each shop has a different one. This year in honor of our grand prize…. A play day with Alex Anderson, we decided on stars. I'm honestly not sure of the name of my star block, but this is what it looks like.

I of course have Accuquilt dies all ready to cut the kits for my shoppers. So this is my project of the week. My block is 12" finished.  My die set was for a 10" block so I had to add a small border to make it 12".  If you have a 12" die you can still add on the border, your block will just be 13" finished. You'll be happy to know that it also is a GO die set. So everyone can do this one.
Here are the dies used:

 The top one is quilt block E and the bottom is quilt block G. I used my 10" block set.

Now I learned the hard way that parallelograms have a right side and a left side. So, when you cut these your fabric has to all go the same way. To make my block, you need to put the right side of the fabric face down.

IMG_0473 This is the difference between face up and face down.

You can do a combination of both and you will have two different stars that look almost the same except the points will go either right or left. 

Bunny rose fabric frenzy block This is right side fabric face down.

Bunny rose backwards fabric frenzy And this is with right side fabric face up on the die. Not  much difference.. But looking at my directions it will mess you up if you cut them wrong.


To make this star you need 4 green parallelograms, 4 floral Parrallelograms, 4 pink triangles and 12 white trangles. You will also need enough strips of the white for the outside borders.

Here is a diagram on putting it together.

You will need 4 of these sections. Here is another layout to help you.

Some important tips. Iron your seams open. Be very careful to PRESS not iron your fabrics so as not to distort the sections. Measure your finished block and cut the remaining white strips to finish it at 12 1/2" x 12 1/2" . Here is a possible layout for a full quilt. These were done in EQ6. 

   Fabric frenzy quilt on point 

As you can see I put a colored frame around each block instead of the white. 

Here is another choice.

Fabric frenzy quilt square
If you use EQ6 it is easy to come up with your own creative layout… give it a try!

Until next week…. get creative!  


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