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Broken Needle Day



Some days are just like that. You’re sewing along and wham! Needle right though your finger. 40 years of sewing and it has never happened before. I should have known. The pot holder I was making for a shop sample turned out mega crappy. Plus another “creative project” I was working on didn’t turn out so creative . That’s when the needle broke.. after going through my finger. I’m fine.. band-aid in place. The question is do I keep going on another project or take a nap.

P.S. This is the second time I wrote this post. After the first one,  my cat laid on the keyboard and erased the whole thing… sooo I’m thinking it’s the nap.


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I know I’ve been a bit quiet these last few months. I have been learning to redesign my blog and organize it so it makes more sense. I wanted my 52 weeks of Accuquilt postings to be easier to find and I wasn’t thrilled with my whole design in general. Sooo much to learn and I’m not done. I would like to give a big shout out to Lynda.com. Yes, it has a cost. But you can just sign up for a month and trust me that’s a lot of learning.

I’m still fine tuning everything but as far as the Accuquilt posts. They are now found in the navigation bar at the top by my blog name. Click on it and it will take you to a page with all the listings by week.  That way if you want to go back.. you don’t have to scroll down all of them to find it.

Same with the Sewing Tutorials. Just click and check out the projects one by one.

I am working on new projects and hopefully will have them ready soon.

I also now have a webstore for selling my fabric. Again, still working on it. but there is fabric there. Check out bunnyroseco.com. For my followers that have stuck it out with me… thank you so much. It has been a hard road the last few months and I almost feel like I can see a smooth path ahead. Stick with me. Soon I’ll have some free giveaways to reward my readers. I love you all!


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Ok, life is crap right now. The bank says I have to stay in my house until it sells. Otherwise I don't qualify for a special program that keeps them from being really mean to me later. But I'm looking for ways to maintain sanity. So, I pulled out one of my big projects that hasn't been packed for my maybe move to Oregon.

Happy place 1

This is a pile of salvages that my long arm quilt friend Dee has been saving for me. What in the world am I going to do with all this STUFF. Well, I seperate it all out by color and I will knit purses with it. I don't have a finished one to show.. Packed of course in my mom's garage in Oregon with the rest of my shop stuff. However, I have cranked up some good ole rock and roll..Def Leppard… Edgar Winter…Billy Squier…. rock on! It does seems to be improving my mood!



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Hi all. Sorry I've been MIA for a while. With closing my store and losing my house.. I haven't had much of anything positive to say. I'll be moving to Oregon in about 3 weeks to start over.. hopefully something good will come of all this.

However, I did do some sewing the other day and thought you would enjoy pictures of my wonderful quality control team. Here is team member Alex checking things out.

 Quality control 2
And of course this is Team member Sammie. Also why I can't get up from my sewing machine in the middle of a project.

Quality control 1

Hopefully I'll be back in full swing with my Accuquilt projects sometime in December. Right now everything is packed up tight in my mom's garage. I'll be working on a basement sewing studio… It will take some work but something to look forward to.


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Sleeping alex 3 
Sometimes you just can't help it. I had to post these. This is Alex the Cat napping on mom's bed quilt.

Life is sooooo good.

Sleeping alex 2 
Awww to be a cat.

Sleeping alex 1

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Ok, this has nothing to do with quilting. But I just had to share. I was aimlessly wandering around a large grocery store in the next big town over when I found this: I love Indian food and have a hard time here in the mountains finding a restaurant.

IMG_0298 But Amy's brand frozen foods has the best Indian meals. They also have Thai, Mexican and much more. All their food is made with organic products. Most is even gluten and dairy free for those who need that. Anyway, I just had to put this out there cos it beats the heck out the stuff at my little local store. Check out their website at Amy's to see all the other foods they make. I bought this at our local Safeway. It's  45 minutes away so I don't get to go often. But I now have my special treat to look forward when I head to the big grocery store in the city! 

Later all!

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A few weeks ago I had the wonderful opportunity to teach a knitting fabric class and a furoshiki demo to a wonderful group of ladies. Little did I know.. all but one were related to each other. They all sew and knit together on a regular basis and decided to come up to the mountains to learn something new. I promised them I would put the pictures on my blog so they could all see. Thanks, Sharon, Brenda, Delphia, Donna, Betty and especially Harriet who brought the whole crew up to see me. Hope to see all you ladies again soon!

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