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Hi All, Here is a fun fast project I found on All People Quilt.com  They call it the Reversible Purse and I love love them! I have been making them all different ways and here is a fast one perfect for that new outfit or gift.

Just a note before you get started. I have changed the shipping on my fabric website. All fabric sales ship free from now on! I’m trying to go to college and am using this site to earn money so I can go full time! Thanks in advance for your support.

First download the pattern from their website. Again here is the link….

Reversible Purse

I have made it the published size here. Other purses I have enlarged the pattern. So go crazy and do some cool creative things with it.

You will have to piece the pattern together with tape.  (Note: I ironed a fusible nonwoven interfacing to the lining fabric to give it a little body before I cut it out.) Follow the directions on their site for putting it together. However, stop after you pull it write side out through the handles. Follow the directions for sewing up the sides. But don’t sew up the bottom. Turn the purse right side out with the outside of the purse facing out.

Make sure the side seams are now in the front in the middle.

Ok now for the big red flower.

I used these dies.

They came from the Accucut site originally. So here are the Accucut numbers and then I’ll give you the Accuquilt numbers.

Accucut site:

1. Flower, Petal, Center, Stem Item # f1438

2. Circles-Penny Rug Item # CR622 (circle used is 2 1/4″)

3. Round Flower Set Item # Q1311

4. Rose Sampler Item # R1362LC (note: this is no longer on the site.)

Accuquilt site:

1. Studio Flower Petals (large) Item # 50432

2. Studio Circles Item # 50637 ( use the 2″ size)

3. Studio Round Flower Item # 50155

4. Studio Rose Sampler Item # 50190

Ok, here are the dies.

I only used the stem on this.

To find these you will have to type in the name of the item number in search. Some of these could not be found under the category listings.

Ok, Iron fusible interfacing to your fabrics. You will need just scraps for the green stems and leaves and yellow center. A large scrap of red will do for petals.

Cut out 12 flower petals, two leaves, one center and one stem. Peal off the backing and lay out your flower. Iron with a hot iron.

Now to applique the flower on. I used a small blanket stitch in black thread.

You will have to pull away the other layers and bunch everything up into your sewing machine. Make sure you are only sewing through the top flower layer.

Here is a closeup of the blanket stitching.

Now on to a pocket. The pattern does not have a pocket on it. But I wanted one. I have made bunches of these and I always stress over the waste. I found a perfect way to use the cutaway waste. Check this out.

When you cut the purse out, you have these rounded sections left over.

I just kept throwing them in my scrap basket and stressing over what I was going to do with them later. Then I decided they would make cute pockets. They are double layered so would be perfect. Open one up like this.

Ok so I’m being nutso OCD here. But I think it makes a great pocket shape. So fold it right sides in and sew around all sides leaving a little opening for turning.  Perfect size for a cell phone and keys.. don’t you think?

Top stitch across the straight edge.. that is the top of the pocket.

Pin it on  your purse where you want it.

I also marked a line from the middle (top to bottom) for another seam. That way the pocket had a little divide in it. I just used my cell phone for measurement to make sure it would fit.

Turn your purse back out so the right sides are in and sew up the bottom according to the directions.  Turn it right sides out and top stitch around the opening on both sides.  Done!


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Here is a really easy project for your summer table. I designed it in EQ7 and used their book EQ6 Applique Drawing to learn how. Last I looked the book was on sale.

Here are my fabrics:

I did replace the bright blue on the end for a lighter blue because the blue showed through the yellow petals too much.

Here are the dies I used.

The first one is called “quilters leaves” and the circle is a 4 1/2″ die.

Here is the basic block:

the center is 6 1/2″ and of course Accuquilt has that in a die. The blue and green squares and pastel strips are done with the 2 1/2″ strip cutter.

Sashing I had to cut.. 1 1/2″ wide and the outer border is cut 3 1/2″ wide.

Here is what I did with the circles and quilters leaves:

I used 5 of each color leaves and some of my favorite Kaffe Fasset fabric.

Everything had Wonder Under ironed on. So I just ironed it down and did a  blind hem stitch to hold it all together.

Here is the finished project.


Hope you like it… until next time!

Get Quilting!

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This is just a little peek at a project I’m doing for some friends. I’m not doing a tutorial here because I’m planning on selling these on Etsy. But I thought I would at least show them to you for inspiration.

Here are the dies I used.

One is the layering oval die. I used the second to the smallest die and the number 7 small heart die.

I used fusible interfacing with a stabilizer on the back and appliqued with a triple blanket stitch from my Bernina.

Here is the picture again.. hope this gets the creative juices going for you!

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Ok, I know this has taken a realllly long time to get back to it. But I’m back with my Accuquilt projects for you.

So lets begin!

Drunkards Path Die

So I’m looking at this die and wondering what else I could do with it besides a quilt. The pie shapes kept standing out to me so I cut up some fabrics and played around and this is what I came up with. These are little pincushions. Great for gifts or sell them at the local craft fair.

I thought they were  kinda cute. So go get some scraps and I’ll show you what to do.

Fabric Scraps

I used 4 different fabrics for this one. I have also used 3 fabrics. Like the second pincushion in the picture.

Cut out two wedges of each fabric.

Lay them out like this and sew two together. Repeat with the other two.

And then sew the two halves together to make a circle. Repeat with the other 4 wedges so you have two circles.

Put right sides together and match up the little points and seams. Oh, and I pressed my seams open.

Leave a little space open for stuffing later. I use red pins to make where not to sew.

Now sew everything up using a 1/4″ seam. After sewing, turn everything right side out.

Time to stuff this little sucker… I used the cheap Poly batting. But you can use lots of other nicer things. You could experiment with walnut shells or possibly even course sand. I just used batting to make it fast and easy. Stuff it as full as possible and hand stitch up the opening.

You will need a matching floss and a needle with a large eye for the next part. You’ll need quite a bit of floss or you may even have to thread your needle more than once. Tie a knot at the end of the floss and poke the needle through the center of the pincushion to the center of the other side. Then go around again to the bottom and thread it through again matching the thread up at a seam. Keep going around at the seams.

After you have gone around the seams, go around in between the seams.

Repeat on all 4 fabrics and tie it off. Find a cute button for the top, ( I also used a small button for the bottom.) and sew it to hide your stitches in the center. There, a cute easy pincushion perfect for using up those scraps laying around.


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Well, I hope you are busy making clutches for your next craft show! This week I promised to show you a new project using the same die. Here it is.

How cute are these! I keep looking at the purse die and thought this would make a great bib. I only used one of the dies in the set.



1/4 yard of each front and back fabric. This will make 2 bibs.

one strip 45" x 2 1/2" of contrasting fabric for ties

Cut a front and back from your fabrics.

Fold the 2 1/2" strip in half and then fold the raw edges into the center and iron.

Fold each outside end in about 1/2" first.. Then fold in half again.



Next sew close to outside folded edge. Make sure to sew each end too.

Fold the tie in half and cut into two pieces.

Next, fold down the rounded side of the top fabric down 2 1/4" to make a flap. Iron a crease and open back up.

Lay the ties just below the crease with the long ends inside. Pin.

Lay the lining on top, right sides together and pin.

Leave an opening for turning.

Sew a 1/4" seam and turn everything to the outside. Iron the seams. Fold down the top rounded edge to the crease and top stitch 1/8" from the edge. Turn in the opening at the seam and top stitch around the rest of the bib. You are done! You can also use Accucut and Accuquilt dies to embellish even more. Here I used the Teddy Bear Die. Check out their sites and you can find lots of more choices! Animals and bug dies.

This project took minutes to make and again is great for craft fairs or baby shower gifts! Cutting 8 layers at a time makes 4 bibs.

See you next week!

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For the last 5 years I have been part of a shop hop in what we call here in California…"The MotherLode". This relates to the gold rush that started around 1849. Hence the name of our shop hop "MotherLode Fabric Frenzy". This year it starts on Friday, September 10 until Sunday September 12. Each year we have a free block pattern we give everyone that comes into our shops and each shop has a different one. This year in honor of our grand prize…. A play day with Alex Anderson, we decided on stars. I'm honestly not sure of the name of my star block, but this is what it looks like.

I of course have Accuquilt dies all ready to cut the kits for my shoppers. So this is my project of the week. My block is 12" finished.  My die set was for a 10" block so I had to add a small border to make it 12".  If you have a 12" die you can still add on the border, your block will just be 13" finished. You'll be happy to know that it also is a GO die set. So everyone can do this one.
Here are the dies used:

 The top one is quilt block E and the bottom is quilt block G. I used my 10" block set.

Now I learned the hard way that parallelograms have a right side and a left side. So, when you cut these your fabric has to all go the same way. To make my block, you need to put the right side of the fabric face down.

IMG_0473 This is the difference between face up and face down.

You can do a combination of both and you will have two different stars that look almost the same except the points will go either right or left. 

Bunny rose fabric frenzy block This is right side fabric face down.

Bunny rose backwards fabric frenzy And this is with right side fabric face up on the die. Not  much difference.. But looking at my directions it will mess you up if you cut them wrong.


To make this star you need 4 green parallelograms, 4 floral Parrallelograms, 4 pink triangles and 12 white trangles. You will also need enough strips of the white for the outside borders.

Here is a diagram on putting it together.

You will need 4 of these sections. Here is another layout to help you.

Some important tips. Iron your seams open. Be very careful to PRESS not iron your fabrics so as not to distort the sections. Measure your finished block and cut the remaining white strips to finish it at 12 1/2" x 12 1/2" . Here is a possible layout for a full quilt. These were done in EQ6. 

   Fabric frenzy quilt on point 

As you can see I put a colored frame around each block instead of the white. 

Here is another choice.

Fabric frenzy quilt square
If you use EQ6 it is easy to come up with your own creative layout… give it a try!

Until next week…. get creative!  

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This is a little bit of a stretch for me, but I have it on good authority (a mommy with 3 little girls), that these are very popular.  I keep seeing so many ways to recycle old t-shirts and saw these flowers made from hearts some where on the internet. I have been searching for days to find the site and I can't. So if you know who started this… please let me know so I can link to their site and give them credit. Both of my sons wear t-shirts until they are so ripped or stained that I have to sneak in and take them away. I got lucky and happened to find a white t-shirt my son didn't want any more and a red shirt that was way past it's prime. 

I have these two Accuquilt heart dies and knew these would work great!

Here are the dies:

The top is Heart #10 and bottom is heart #8 small.

I don't think it matters what heart shape you use. The larger heart is 4" across and the bottom one is 3" across. You could easily use the GO heart die as it has 3 sizes. You could also use the #6 heart shape on the Accuquilt site. Just look under applique dies.

 Cut out a bunch of hearts from both sizes from an old t-shirt.



Lay out the other t-shirt measure up from the bottom the length you want plus 2". Cut off just under the sleeves. Because the t-shirt has a bottom hem, this will be the bottom of the skirt.

Iron it nice and flat. Turn under the top raw edge 1/4" and then again to 1 1/2".


Sew close to the inside edge. Leave a space for the elastic. Sew 1/8" along the top edge.


Measure your child's waist and add 1". Pin a safety pin on one end and
thread through the waist band. I pin the other end to the opening to
keep from losing it. Overlap the ends and sew along the two edges.

Pull the elastic back inside and sew up the opening.
IMG_0444 Ease the elastic evenly around the skirt top. Divide the skirt into 4 sections and sew across the elastic to stop it from turning. Make sure to back stitch on both ends.

And here is the skirt finished.

These turn out so cute your daughters and granddaughters will be raiding dad and grandpa's closet for more t-shirts!! So watch out!

Ok, on to the the fun part. Making the hearts into roses is a little interesting.. I just twisted the heart and brought the two top rounded parts together kind of like a fortune cookie. 


 I also took the large heart and just kind of folded upon itself.. get creative. When it looks like a flower to you.. you have it.

Put matching thread into your sewing machine and I just tacked them down in a few places. I have a lock stitch on my Bernina and that's what I used. Lock.. a few stitches and lock again. You could also do this by hand. Don't worry about sewing everything down. Just enough to keep the shape. Lay out a few and see what you think.



You could layer them on top of each other or just do them one at a time. I use both the large and small hearts and sometimes layer them together.

My Mommy friend came in and said she liked them like this.. so that's how I did it. Get creative! you could also cut some from a green t-shirt and have leaves.

Hope you liked this.. I wish I had granddaughters. I would be making these forever. You can also do this on a plain knit top if you want. Have fun and recycle when you can!


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